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– Black and White –

Capturing short moments of quiet in which the past is confused with the present and only emotion really matters, from this is born Black & White, which enhances the ability of expression that black and white photography has, eliminating the color to enhance the sinuosity of areas of light and shadow, for this it seems more authentic and familiar, conversing with the deepest part of us. Black & White with its striking private balcony on the Pantheon of Syracuse, will charm you with its elegant shapes inspired by the unmistakable style that this photographic genre has, surprising you even in the precious bathroom where design and elegance combine perfectly to give you maximum comfort such as the spacious shower with crystal, without neglecting the importance of beauty.

– Twilight –

Lurking, waiting despite the weather, fatigue, or running with the equipment in hand to catch a brief moment of magic in which the sky decides to play with its palette and dyeing pink, purple, yellow, and another thousand shades almost incredible, but that only those who do not miss this appointment can seize, while the world runs almost completely unconscious, someone enjoys and captures these wonderful shows. Twilight is inspired by this wonder experienced in front of different shows every day and that enchant the soul like nothing else can do. Twilight will make you experience these sensations and colors during your stay, pampering you with its comforts such as the very spacious crystal shower and the delicacy of design.

– Sunset –

Cicero said that the sunset of Syracuse was one of the seven wonders of the world. Sunset will allow you to agree with him, colored by the warmth of the sun in one of its most beautiful hours, will wrap you in moments that seem to be eternal. The Sunset Room portrays one of the most magical spectacles of our life, the one that every day manages to stop the course of our bustling for a few moments, one of the most loved photographic subjects, inspired by one of the cities with one of the most fascinating sunsets in the world. for the color of its stone and its sea, which you will find in the furnishings of the room, material and inspired by the limestone that gives birth to beautiful flowers in stone gardens.

– Blue Hour –

Photography does not consist in taking a picture, but it is the photo that captures you and no moment does it well like that of blue hour, which arises a moment after the great explosion of the sunset, when you believe that everything is going out and that nothing can more conquer you, here is the sky is tinged with a blue that no color and no painter can make the same way, and as a wonderful woman in the evening dresses her most elegant dress. Blue hour represents all this, represents a moment of beauty and elegance that envelops everything that is around in an almost magical garment. The photos, lights and design of this room will captivate you, as will the spacious crystal shower embellished with decorations that marry the elegance of tradition with the blue of this room. Blue hour will make you appreciate a view on Corso Gelone, the nerve center of the city.